The Helium Network Reaches Major Milestone: 100K Global Hotspots

100K Global Hotspots

An incredible milestone with 100,000 Hotspots now live on the Helium Network! Let that sink in — 100,000 Hotspots owned by individuals, creating wireless coverage around the world.

What launched in the city of Austin on August 1st, 2019 with only 150 of the original Helium Hotspots has exploded into a remarkable decentralized ecosystem coming together across the globe to build something the world has never seen before.

The community is adding over 1,000 Hotspots a day, with 108 countries and more than 10,000 cities now represented. You can watch the Network expanding live here.

To help further scale and secure the Network, 2,000+ Validators have come online in just the past month to perform the work of the Consensus Group, staking over 20 million HNT. Adding Validators is a massive improvement to the Helium blockchain since its inception and lays the foundation for introducing Light Hotspots.

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