Enter the Best-Of #HeliumBirthday Competition

Enter the Best-Of HeliumBirthday Competition

August 1st marked the 2nd birthday of The People’s Network and the $HNT Halving with over 105,000 Hotspots now deployed by the Helium community 🎉. To keep the festivities going all week, we kicked off the first biennial Best-Of #HeliumBirthday Competition!

We’re selecting the top 3 posts on Twitter for 3 superlative categories to receive delicious treats and prizes, including Hotspots, Helium swag, baked goods, IoT devices, and unimaginable fame.

The Categories Are:

1. Best Hotspot Setup

2. Best Meme or Original Art

3. Best IoT Use Case

Rules to Enter:

1. Retweet this Tweet

2. Tag #HeliumBirthday in entries

3. Include a 🎈 emoji on your Twitter profile page

The competition ends on Friday, August 6th at 12pm PT. Ring in two amazing years of The People’s Network by entering today. May the best birthday posts win 🎂!

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