4th October Shipping / Production Update, Instant Sync and more!

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Shipping / Production Update

In the last week of September, we had a pretty good week of production, with another 5k units coming off the line. This brings our total production quantity for September to ~25k units and our overall total production to ~35k total.

If you have been reading our previous updates, you will know that this is 5k units short of our planned production quantity for September of 30k miners. This is predominantly due to the issues we had with our test and programming rigs that we have mentioned previously. We have put a lot of resources into further refining and improving these this last week and identified some other areas of improvement (in particular, a race condition was present on first boot for testing that was slowing things down). All of these things will allow us to continue improving our production capacities as we go forward.

In terms of batches, this means that batch 3 is nearly completed shipping with batch 4 about to commence – again this is a little behind schedule compared to what we had planned at the beginning of September (due to the issues mentioned above). Bear in mind that this is shipping from the factory so if you ordered from a distributor it might take a little longer – as the units need to get to them first.

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