Nebra Miners – Shipping/Production Update – 7th December 2021

Nebra Updates

Production this week

We mentioned in our last update that we were aiming to produce and ship a further 6,000 Outdoor Miners the following week. Unfortunately, we again had software issues that led to a production slowdown (caused by using an old version of the ECC programming codebase at which was causing intermittent issues with non-compact keys getting programmed into the key slots and then subsequently not passing our production tests). We had all hands on deck last week to diagnose the issue and fixed it by Friday…all production miners have been reprogrammed with the updated firmware (note that this will not have any effect on any existing miners as it only relates to the production key programming) and we have over this weekend finished 2k pcs with the remainder in progress through the programming, testing and packaging procedure. We’re aiming to finish the 6,000 units by the end of the week and have them packaged & ready to ship. Today, our manufacturing is preparing to send the 2,000 (Outdoor 915MHz) of the 6,000 units to us & our distributors.

Once these 6,000 outdoor units have shipped, our manufacturer will be retesting around 3,500 indoor units to ensure they were onboarded correctly as well as a further batch of outdoor units.

Additionally, we have got 25000 units of concentrators arriving with us next week from our other contract manufacturer, as well as ROCK Pi 4B+ units to go with them. The ROCK Pi cases we will not have starting to come through until the beginning of January but will begin building the other parts (hotspot HAT etc) this month in expectation. More info on the ROCK Pi miner is shared below also.

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