Nebra Nightmare Helium Miners not shipped yet

Nebra Nightmare Helium Miners not shipped yet

We are writing the blog article to inform you about bad actors within the Helium community. We are telling you this information as we don’t want anyone else to face the issues we faced from ordering networking equipment from a company called Nebra. The problems that the community is facing due to Nebra are a great threat to the Helium network and these threats should not be taken lightly. Supply chain issues can cause potential miners to reconsider becoming part of the network due to lack of hardware and cause great distress to the customer. We believe that Nebra LTD has broken trading laws around the world and have been deceptive with their customers. They should be deemed responsible for their actions.

There are many problems with Nebra LTD from their CEO  A J Shaw and other company directors being incompetent to run a company, Supply and demand issues, and being deceitful to customers. This list really does go on.

In this blog post, we will state some of the issues we have had while trying to order these miners from Nebra and also some issues and points made by the Helium community. We don’t want you to just take our word on it. Take a look at what some of their other customers are saying. Please do not go and attack Nebra’s website or spread hate to any of the above-mentioned. HackingVision does not condone any hurtful actions. This blog post is written to spread awareness.

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