Rise with Helium

Rise with Helium

There were over 2 billion connected IoT devices using cellular in 2021, with cost as a major pain point for these customers.
Instead of being forced to upgrade to expensive 4G or private non-cell networks, companies using 3G for IoT deployments can switch to The Helium Network.


Low Cost Data Transfer

Only pay based on usage. $1 per sensor per year for a device sending data every 5 minutes compared to ~$10 for GPS.


Low Cost of Hardware

LoRa sensors also cost on average 50 percent less than cellular, with no need to purchase a SIM card.


Long Battery Life

LoRa devices can last up to 12 years on just two AAA batteries, meaning more uptime and less maintenance trips.


Huge Coverage

Over 360K hotspots (think microcell towers) in 28K+ cities and 150+ countries, each providing up to 10 miles in range.

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