Unban Paying Nebra Customers from Discord Server

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Firstly, I know there is a post already regarding Nebra (TL;DR on bottom)

Shawaj confirmed that Nebra will no longer send e-mail shipping updates in this screenshot:

From July 2, 2021-If you are banned from the Discord server, how can you be updated now?

I’m not here to talk about Nebra.

I’m here to talk about the shitty moderation of the Helium Discord, and to make sure that the admins get this message.

You need to pass this message on right away: unban the individuals who were kicked out of the Helium Discord server for simply asking legitimate questions about their orders.

There is ZERO email comms from the Nebra team apart from what, two shipping updates ? Last email was June third, still no update as of July and they’re supposed to be on Batch three. If there was a steady stream of information coming from this company, that would be one thing, and I could let this slide. If there was even information coming on other channels like their Twitter account, I could let this slide. But the fact remains: There is NO INFORMATION coming from ANY OTHER CHANNELS besides the Community Discord Server and the classic “CHECK PINS!” response. Absolutely nothing else anywhere.

The Discord admins should be ashamed for denying paying customers their right to their only source of information on a severely fucked up situation.


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