Parley Labs – Inside The Lab 6 January 2022

Parley Labs - Inside The Lab 6 January 2022
Nebra Updates
We have received an allocation of 200 indoor units from Nebra that are expected to be delivered to us by the end of this week. These units will fulfill Batch 3 orders 4507-4629. We are waiting on confirmation of our next allocation which will fulfill the remainder of Batch 3 indoor miner orders.

Batch 4 & 5 Blanket Refund Process

We have been working our way through the Blanket Refund Process. Last week we started reaching out to customers whose order numbers are in que to purchase an alternative miner(s). The first miner that will be offered as an alternative is a RAK V2. Once we have fulfilled orders for our allocation the next set of orders in que will be offered a SenseCAP M1. We are finalizing details of a new contract, and will have another manufacturer to offer as an alternative in the coming weeks.

Please note: Your original Nebra order number(s) will be used to keep your place in line and as a reference to the number of miners you are able to purchase in your new order. Once your new order is processed you will receive a new order number. This will ease complexity, and help to streamline this process.

SenseCAP Update
Great news! Our shipment of SenseCAP M1’s are currently in transit. We expect to receive this shipment by the end of this week. These units will be used to fulfill our January Pre Orders from our previous public sale. We will also set aside an allocation of these miners for our blanket refund process.

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