Panther X2 Helium Hotspot Miner 8,000 Units apparently in-stock ready to ship

PantherMiner x2 HOTSPOT

Panther an approved helium hotspot manufacturer previously released their Panther X1 helium miner, and now they claim to have stock of 8,000 Panther X2 Helium hotspot miners. I have not tested any of their miners yet, I did order 5 miners to review on the VoskCoin Helium YouTube channel, and hopefully deploy, you can order one here –

The 842 Panther X2 miner is pretty cool looking, heard mixed reports on their x1 so verdict is TBD plus the X2 is a revised model.


Their quoted batch numbers & coupon codes from their official email distribution are

4000 units for EU868
2000 units for AU915
2000 units for US915

1. A coupon for $30
Units required to purchase: 1 hotspot
Code: PantherX2Buy1Get30USD

2. A coupon for $120
Units required to purchase: 3 hotspots
Code: PantherX2Buy3Get120USD

3. A coupon for $240
Units required to purchase: 5 hotspots
Code: PantherX2Buy5Get240USD

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