Nebra ROCK Pi Indoor Miner – 10,000 units being produced this week

waiting for NEBRA MINER

From Nebra website…..  just to remember before  everything my order was placed in  *********March 2021 **** batch 4   and I’m still waiting for delivery …

and now again Nebra  promise again ….delivery in short time….????


We wanted to share a quick update with you regarding the Nebra Indoor ROCK Pi miners.

Yesterday we started assembling the ROCK Pi miners at our factory in China. Based on our current schedule, we’re aiming to produce ~10,000 units before Chinese New Year begins (25th of January).

Below you can see a few photos & videos of the miners being assembled. We’re going to provide an update just prior to Chinese New Year which will recap the progress on this 10k production run.



When will the first 10,000 ROCK Pi units ship?

If you recall from our last update, it’s been a challenge to ship products out of Hong Kong & China in recent months due to shipping restrictions. There are still restrictions in place with the major couriers (DHL, UPS, Fedex, etc) and we’re doing everything we can to get the miners shipped out as quickly as possible. We’re also waiting on the CE/FCC results which should be with us any day now. Once we have this the miners will be fully approved by Helium.

We’re unable to ship any units from our factory during Chinese New Year (25th of January to the 9th of February) so some of the 10,000 units will ship before the 25th of January and some will ship on the 9th/10th February.

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