SenseCAP Dashboard Update

SenseCAP Dashboard Update
January 21, 2022 –  SenseCAP  released Dashboard Version ‘Beta v0.2.4’, which adds new methods on “add hotspots” to the dashboard.
Changes: 1. Add “Register hotspots with Helium Wallet” feature. User will be able to register hotspots in a Helium Wallet to the dashboard without entering the device information (“SN”, “ETH MAC” address, “CPU ID” and “bind key”). Learn more on the simple steps:
2. Support “Batch Add Hotspots” feature. Users are able to add one or more hotspots within a Helium Wallet to the dashboard at once. No more getting and entering device information one by one. Incredibly time-efficient for users owned many of SenseCAP M1 hotspots!
1. Helium Wallet will be deep linked to verified and no 12-words password is needed to be entered on the dashboard and SenseCAP side.
2. How to register a Dashboard account please check:
3. It is highly recommended to enable the two-factor authentication. Please login dashboard and go to “Account” setting to enable the function, which will highly enhance your dashboard account security.
Register hotspots

Dashboard Login

The SenseCAP M1 dashboard is designed to help you monitor your Hotspot and give you a comprehensive overview.

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