MXC DataDash App Guide for Bitcoin Mining

MXC DataDash App Guide for Bitcoin Mining

BTC Mining with the M2 Pro

Step by Step Guide for Mining BTC with the M2 Pro

Step 2: Select the supernode nearest to you. For example, if you’re in the US, select Houbi. If you’re in Europe, select MatchX.

Step 3: Fill in your email. Note: once an email is connected to the device, it cannot be changed.

Step 4: Add your password.

Step 5: Click the “Home” button to bring up the dashboard. Click on the BTC icon. Note: If the BTC icon is not visible, click “Add Token” and add the BTC token to your dashboard. Once it is listed as a token, click on it to bring up your BTC dashboard.

Step 6: Once you’ve entered your BTC dashboard, you can see an overview of your BTC history. If this is your first BTC testnet, the current BTC balance will be stated as 0. Click on “Mine.”

Step 7: This brings up an invitation to join the DKP III testnet. Please read through the requirements to join. If you’re comfortable with the requirements, click continue. If you aren’t able to fulfill these requirements, you won’t be able to continue to BTC mining.

Step 8: Now you must lock your 6000 MXC tokens (per miner) by clicking “Lock MXC.” Note: You must have at least 6000 MXC tokens in your wallet to continue.

Step 9: Manually lock 6,000 MXC tokens (applied to each miner) and confirm sufficient Miner Health. Then click “Next.”

Step 10: Review the decision to lock your MXC tokens for the length of the mining period. Once you’ve confirmed you understand, click “Proceed.”

Step 11: Congratulations! You are mining BTC.

Step 12: You can continue to monitor your mining by clicking on the Wallet icon.

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