Parleylab INSIDE THE LAB -NEBRA is unable to arrive at a solution at their factory

waiting for NEBRA MINER

10th January 2022 Nebra Miner UpdateAs stated by Nebra in their January 10th Blog post: “We are this week working on reprogramming and retesting some miners that did not pass testing the first time round but have been reworked with new parts. This is about 2k units of indoor that are undergoing this process as we speak.“

Nebra is unable to arrive at a solution at their factory for these issues

, and these units are being sent to their developer for analysis according to their recent blog post. We will wait to hear when our remaining allocation of Batch 3 units will be made available to us once there is a resolution for these units.


Please note, Nebra Batch 3 pre orders have been paid in full since last August and are currently not included in our Blanket Refund Process.


Here is the form you can fill out if you wish to have your Parley Labs batch 4 and/or 5 orders fulfilled directly by us:


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