Introducing the new all new Match X M2 PRO!

Introducing the new all new Match X M2 PRO

M2 Pro is a new type of miner that has been seeing exponential growth lately.

Leveraging on the Proof of Participation (POP) model, M2 Pro offers a new type of mining in which the amount of tokens mined is determined by the value of the miner’s participation in the network itself.

M2 Pro is used as a gateway that deploys an IoT data network for IoT devices. The miner receives compensation for performing this action.

Therefore, M2 Pro allows low-power mining, along with leveraging its mining network to serve the rapidly growing LPWAN-focused IoT industry.

Check out how is earning $12+ a day in passive income mining the MXC crypto token with the M2 Pro Miner by MatchX .

Answering the question if this is miner actually worth buying.

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