MNTD. Miner

MNTD. Miners are made by Rakwireless

MNTD. Miners are made by Rakwireless the company behind the original Helium miner and the very popular Rak v2 miners.

MNTD Miner

One of the most frustrating aspects of Helium mining has been the lack of miner availability and transparency. Miner vendors have consistently changed delivery timelines, often without any formal notification. Some miner vendors have taken pre-orders with backlogs up to a year or more.

MNTD. plans to change all that with the MNTD. miner. It’s back to basics with a focus on People in what is actually #ThePeoplesNetwork.

Toward this goal, RAKwireless offers great customer support and does not accept pre-orders. Most importantly they keep their promises to the mining community.

Unique Features

  • Use of the newer SX1302 chip from Semtech in the RF concentrator for better radio performance
  • Compatibility with the Rak antennas
  • Premium customer service to expedite hardware replacement, and premium after sales service via remote tools.

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