MXC Kicks and Bitcoin giveaway

MXC Kicks and Bitcoin giveaway

Have you been participating in the MXC Crypto Converse giveaway? These exclusive sneakers are loaded with up to $5,000 worth of Bitcoin – and if you are one of our multi-token miners, mining $MXC, $DHX, and $BTC you can enter for your chance to win now! Round 6 starts on February 21st, so make sure to enter our competition!

Big congratulations go to our MXC Coin Competition winners as well! Make sure to keep an eye out on the official MXC Twitter account for more giveaways in the future. Stay up-to-date and connected, and always be among the first to know about any big developments.


 The world’s first low-power Multi-Token Miner has arrived! You can now mine $MXC, $DHX and $BTC with the M2 Pro Miner!
MXC and Bitcoin giveaway
Want a pair?
1) Get your hands on an M2 Pro
2) Download the DataDash App
3) Participate in Multi-Token Mining ($BTC, $DHX + $MXC)

Enter here:

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