Do you need a Helium miner? Please let us know

Do you need a Helium miner

We have the opportunity to bring in ~600 Helium miners by March 4th (for USA 915 MHz) and want to gauge interest.

Retail price shipped would be $679 for Finestra, and $779 for SenseCAP M1. This is not a manufacturers direct deal, it is with a mining company that has excess brand new miners.

If interested, please visit this page to complete the short form letting us know which model you want, and how many. Note this is not an order form or reservation form. Or reply to this message to let us know why you are not interested, as that information is still valuable to us as we are working on our own miner for possible future release.

We are attempting to gauge demand. We are not a Helium miner distributor and this is not a profitable deal for our company, but if we have the chance to help people in need of miners to grow the People’s Network, we would like to do so.

If you complete the form,  you will be notified about any incoming miners and given the chance to purchase BEFORE any public sale, as our way of targeting interested users and avoiding bots.


Rokland Technologies

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