Nebra Miner – Production Update and Shipping FAQs

10th January 2022 Nebra Miner Update

Great news – shipping of Nebra ROCK Pi hotspots is well underway and you should start seeing these work their way out into the hands of pre-order customers imminently, and subsequently a large uptick in miners coming on-chain 🚀

We want to thank all our valued pre-order customers for their patience while we have faced unprecedented manufacturing challenges caused by the global semi-conductor shortage.

We know this has been very tough for everyone who is passionate about building the People’s Network and we want to personally apologise to every single customer affected. That’s why we have answered your questions to help you understand a bit more about what has happened over the past 12 months.

We are shipping hotspots to both Nebra customers and distributors with backorders as fast as we can. Weight restrictions imposed by freight forwarders continue to limit shipments from our factory in China but we are doing everything we can to clear the backlog including using multiple carriers and freight forwarders to ease this.

We can’t wait to see your miners being deployed! Thanks so much to everyone who has stuck with us.

The Nebra team


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