Here’s the Tea: Nibiaa Brings Premium Brews to The People’s Network

Nibiaa Brings Premium Brews

What if we told you that there was a company hoping to introduce hundreds of early agricultural communities to The People’s Network? While many people think of smart building and home IoT applications for this kind of large-scale deployment, Nibiaa is passionate about a more consumable product: Tea.

In Nibiaa’s home country India, the potential speaks for itself: There are just over 1,500 large tea estates that include an average landholding of 740 acres each. There are also 45,000 small tea growers with an average landholding of 25 acres in North East India. For these small farms, every 25 acres would require about 10 Helium-compatible sensors with a full-scale deployment including approximately 295 sensors across 740 acres


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