IoT Sensors

IoT Sensors

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? This same principle applies to Helium. What comes first, the network or the products used on the network (IoT sensors and trackers). In the case of Helium, we have to choose a side, and that is the network has to come first.


While there are thousands of different sensors and trackers that utilize the LoRaWAN network, it was important to build out the network first before educating the community on sensor deployment. Now that the network is 650K strong, and provides coverage in over 50,000 cities, we feel it is important to begin education on sensor deployment. Did you know we have sensors that can track: humidity, temperature, soil moisture, air quality and much more. Let us know which sensor deployment you would like us to dive deeper into for our next newsletter.


Sensor Deployment Questionnaire

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