PlanetWatch DROP ALERT! Planetwatch 123 day ROI miner is here! Wednesday April 6th

Kaiterra Sensedge Mini Air Quality Monitor

Official PlanetWatch Launch on Wednesday April 6th

We would like to welcome to our official Planetwatch drop party.

On Wednesday April 6th at exactly 12 PM EST, get ready to add to cart.

We will have a very limited amount and our latest batch of ready-to-ship Kaiterra Sensedge Mini air sensor miners are coming to you in just 7 days.

See you at 12 PM Eastern Time, April 6th.

Purchases will be maxed at two (2) miners per checkout.

*Type 3 license sold separately.

Expected revenue is $170/ month . Your expected ROI is 123 days. (type 3 product, fastest ROI).

Note if you made it to our first 100 on the waitlist, we’ll make sure you an early link for ordering before we run out.

We will have this unit at the lowest price on the market, and ship within 1 week.

HeliumDeploy team

Official PlanetWatch Launch on Wednesday April 6th

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