Hotspotty is an all-in-one tool

Your all-in-one tool for building the Helium network! Understand, Optimize, Collaborate, Payout.

Hotspotty is an all-in-one tool you can use to help analyze and optimize your HNT mining strategy. They have an excellent team of developers whose main priorities are to help educate the Helium community and to constantly improve their application with new features.

Including everything from location simulations to payment management services, this is an excellent tool and reference to have bookmarked! Their most recent update includes a feature called super simulations, which allows you to use elevation profiles to analyze potential locations and can help you make an informed decision on your hotspot deployments.

We are very excited to team up with Hotspotty and be able to offer you a special discount for these packages….. Stay tuned, more details to come in next week’s newsletter!

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