Light Hotspot season is upon us!

Light Hotspot season is upon us

Light Hotspot season is upon us! ….. But it may not be as drastic of a change as you may think. Light Hotspot firmware will launch in early May. This means all existing miners on the blockchain will automatically have their firmware updated by their respective manufacturers when it’s ready. This does not mean that new Light Hotspot hardware will be available yet. New hardware should be hitting the markets in early July.


Another change we wanted to go over is pricing. The current state of component shortages, logistics delays, labor shortages at the port etc will all contribute to pricing. We hope to see a decrease in price, but we predict it will not be drastic. We will see many variations of hotspots that range from indoor to outdoor, consumer grade to enterprise grade. All of these will range in pricing from $300 up to $800 or more. As the market and products mature, you will have more options depending on the types of deployments you have. We’re here to help guide you to the one that fits you best.

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