Lawsuits and class action against Nebra: What do you think?



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Lawsuits and class action against Nebra: What do you think?

Nebra has been awful to deal with, constant shipping and manufacturing delays with orders going out months after the initial forecast.
Poor build quality issues have been reported frequently with Nebra hotspots.

However, it does look like it will be a bit of a pain if you need to do any maintenance or repairs on it.

The Nebra uses an old fashioned pin power connector while the Rak uses USB-C. While I am a big fan of USB-C, I did initially think this could cause me issues. I plan to use a POE splitter to provide both power and data to the hotspot, but a bit of research reveals you can buy a PoE Splitter with USB Type C.


I posted this because I would like to know your opinions about the possibility to start a class action against Nebra, although I am not knowledgeable about legal matters and do not live in the UK.

If this post and subreddit gain some traction and there is a legal basis to sue Nebra, it would be great to organise ourselves and take some action.

Feel free to share your comments, especially if you are a lawyer or know someone who could assist us in this matter.


Sorry for the late update, but I have been rather busy lately.

I have contacted a couple of lawyers and asked questions about the chance of starting a lawsuit, apparently, it is basically impossible to claim damage for the loss of profit of something that is not regulated and not considered money like crypto.

What you can do, though, is to file complaints with customer protection and trade authorities in your own countries and not only in the UK. A company that is flagged multiple times may raise concern and they could decide to proceed against and potentially fine it.

Also, I would suggest you to cancel your orders as soon as possible, and, as Nebra will be very slow to reply, ask for a refund and open a ticket with your payment provider (Paypal, your bank, etc.). This also won’t help their record. To cancel orders en masse is also the best way to put this company out of business.

As they are also trying to polish their image by writing fake positive reviews on websites like Trustpilot, don’t forget that you can share your experience by writing a review as well. You will be required to prove your purchase, so be prepared to send a proof of purchase when Trustpilot asks. If you find other places where you can write a review, do it there too.


im batch 4 order april 10th. ordered a single nebra hotspot miner and an 8 dbi antenna directly from nebras website.. with july expected delivery. so since august i have been asking for a refund. but i paid in btc. they refuse refunding crypto payments. each month they would string me along saying batch 4 will be shipped next month. i mean its the end of november now and i see screenshots of emails with nebra support saying ‘batch 4 wont be shipped until q1 2022’… and thats only if batch 3 is finished by then… since they are STILL only 2/3 shipping batch 3… which theyve been saying for a couple months now…

im all for a lawsuit. i think its totally necessary. just look into the history of aaron shaw. this happens with all the start ups hes involved in. hes a borderline scammer.


Same here.. add me First it was supposed to arrive end of September and now its supposedly end of the year…. Which i doubt…. They are not straight with their customers



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