Is Helium crypto a good investment

Also known as HNT miner, these devices operate on low voltage and provide minimal connectivity. Helium hotspot miners are devices which you can keep in your office or homes and have users connect. This is all you need to do when you hear of mining HNT with portable hotspots. For your helium hotspot miner to work properly, you need a PoC (Proof-of-Coverage). All this means is , there has to be a network of miners within a certain distance to valid their locations. People on urban areas are most likely to earn more than those in rural areas due to larger user base. However, you will not want to have too many devices within a small range as that will increase mining difficulty. You can earn helium when any of the tasks below are completed.

  1. When something tries to send information over the Long-Fi network using your hotspot
  2. When a mining device initiates a PoC challenge
  3. When your device participates in a PoC challenge
  4. When your device serves as a witness to PoC challenges in your area
  5. Joining a consensus group, aka a group of elected hotspots that create blocks on the blockchain

These are all passive methods of earning Helium, which is why so many people find Helium hotspot mining attractive.

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