Still having trouble with Nebra

Nebra Ticket system

If the above tips haven’t been able to resolve your issue then get in touch at and include the following informatio. We’ll work on resolving your issue. But be sure to please perform the steps above to perform the update process.

  • Model of unit?
  • Mac address of the unit (Shown as ETH on sticker)?
  • Frequency of the unit (Shown as Freq on sticker)?
  • How are you connecting it to internet? (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular)?
  • How are you powering the unit? (included adaptor, PoE, third party adaptor)

    If the issue relates to initial setup of the hotspot, please also include:

  • What make & model of phone are you using?
  • What version of the Helium App are you using?
  • Do you have any screenshots of any error codes?

Nebra Ticket system


or email:

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