Nebra Hotspot Dashboard

Nebra Dashboard

The Nebra Dashboard allows you to view all of your Nebra hotspot statistics in one place: keep track of rewardssync status, and device status.

Dashboard Setup

Step 1: Create Dashboard Account

Nebra Dashboard

Login to

You can also use your existing Google or GitHub account to sign up.

Step 2: Add a device

Nebra Dashboard

Add a device by scanning its QR code or add it manually by pressing the button below.

Step 2.1: Add a device using QR

Nebra Dashboard

To add a device by scanning its QR code, click Start scan. You will be requested to allow the access to your camera.

Step 2.2: Add a device by manual input

Nebra Dashboard

To add a device by manual input, enter the device RPI/RSER and ETH.

Indoor Hotspot Base

You can can find ETH and RPi/RSER in the device QR Sticker.

  • ETH: Ethernet MAC address
  • RPi/RSER: Raspberry Pi Serial Number

Step 3: Done: Device Regsiatrtion Completed

Nebra Dashboard

You now have successfully added your device to the dashboard and you will be able to see it under “List of your registered devices”.

Let’s take a look at the dashboard.

Rewards section

Nebra Dashboard

The rewards section allows you to see the rewards of all of your hotspot rewards within the last day, 14 days, and 30 days. The earnings chart shows you the earnings for each day.

Helium Status

Nebra Dashboard

The Helium Status tab shows you how many of your hotspots are in sync, syncing, or out of sync. While the Device Manager Status tab shows you how many of your hotspots are online or offline.

Device Details

Nebra Dashboard

The device details will show you the connection status, individual rewards, CPU usage, CPU temperature, memory usage, and storage usage. You can also issue a number of actions to your hotspot like reboot, restart and shutdown.

Transfer Device To Another Dashboard

You can transfer device from one dashboard to another dashboard very easily.

Go to Device List -> and select Transfer in device property.

Nebra Dashboard

Next, you will get a warning message

Warning! ⚠ You are about to transfer your device to another user

Input the email address you would like to transfer your device to.

If the recipient has a Nebra Dashboard account, the device will be transferred immediately.

If the recipient does not have an account, we will send them an invitation link.

Nebra Dashboard

After confirming the warning message, please enter the recipient email account associted with nebra dashboard.

Nebra Dashboard

Transfer Done.

Remove Device From Current Dashboard

You can remove the device from your dashboard For that, Go to Device List -> and select Remove in device property.

Go to Device List ->

Nebra Dashboard

Please note, Once the device is unlinked, it will be open for anyone to add the device to their own dashboard. Only do this if you plan on transferring the device to another account.

Continue by clicking Remove

Nebra Dashboard

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