Linxdot Shipping Update – May 19th

Linxdot Shipping Update

We are now well underway with the shipment of batch 5 orders (around 40% shipped). Tracking details are still being sent out, so if you have not already you will receive tracking details for your order soon. We expect to have fulfilled batch 5 early next week.

Our warehouse in Hong Kong received 13k units this week and this will complete all orders from batch 5, batch 6, parts of batch 7, and parts of batch 8.

We are still on track for starting shipping batches 6 and 7 by the end of this month (late May) and will continue to provide regular updates so that you can keep up to date with our fulfillment progress. Keep an eye out on our Twitter and Discord channel for more frequent updates.

Shipping timeline:

Batch 4 – fulfilled.
Batch 5 – currently shipping.
Batch 6 – shipping from the end of this month (May).
Batch 7 – shipping from the end of this month (May).
Batch 8 – Shipping in late June.
Batch 9 – Shipping in late June.

To work out which batch number your order is in, please refer to our batch number explained guide –


We have loved seeing you all receiving your Linxdot Hotspots – please keep sending in your photos and setups!

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