Troubleshooting tool ⚒️ now available on the App PlanetWatch
Dear PlanetWatchers,

We have just released an update to PlanetWatch’s App which makes our troubleshooting tool available there, as an alternative to the Explorer.

Now you can solve even more issues that might come up with your sensors and all it takes is a single tap:

🆕 Connect your license to your sensor directly;

🆕 Initialize the Planet tokens in your wallet, the sensor NFT, and the license NFT automatically;

🆕 Change/Add wallets easily.

Starting today, you have until July 13th, 11:59 pm CET, to check if your sensors are compliant with the following set of requirements – mandatory to keep receiving rewards – and fix any problems using the improved troubleshooting tool:

✅ Every sensor has to be associated with a valid license;

✅ The location of each sensor has to be updated to where it is actually deployed;

✅ All users have to perform the Basic or Advanced KYC (depending on the number of sensors owned).

In case you are left with any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team.

The PlanetWatch team 🌎

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