Light Hotspot Update & Helium Tracker Partnership

Helium Tracker + HotspotRF

Helium Network Update:

The Light Hotspot transition is finally ~95% complete! As you may have noticed, the update caused a severe disruption in earnings for the past month or two, but we are beginning to see stability in the network/blockchain once more.

With this new update, validators will take over challenge generation instead of the hotspots — meaning they will no longer need to sync the blockchain. These changes will ensure that the network will be more stable, fewer hotspots will be offline, hotspots will use MUCH less bandwidth, and will allow the network to continue growing to 1m hotspots and beyond! For a more detailed understanding, check out this article.

Interested in the numbers?

  • During an average “stable” month, the blockchain should distribute 1.625M $HNT tokens to miners.
  • However, in May, only 777K $HNT tokens were distributed. This means that EVERYONE saw a drop in rewards across the board.
  • In contrast, for the first 21 days of June, we have already seen 1,005K tokens rewarded to miners, so HNT distribution should be on target to hit roughly 1.625M $HNT this month!

Now that earnings are returning to normal, do you need a new way to track your hotspots and get notified when they are offline?


Helium Tracker and HotspotRF are excited to announce our new collaboration, and we are celebrating with a discount.

Helium Tracker is a great tool to track your hotspot fleet, manage commissions for your hosts and receive push notifications on your mobile devices for mining rewards or activities. Their hotspot guard notifies you whenever one of your hotspots needs attention.

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