Helium MOBILE rewards are live!

Helium MOBILE rewards are live

The Wait Is Over. MOBILE Rewards Are Live.

How we got here: HIP 51 passes, paving the way for Helium 5G and MOBILE

The mission of the Helium Community has always been to build open, affordable, and secure global wireless networks that are owned and operated by the people.

The first phase of this mission was to launch the Internet of Things (IoT) Network, which now consists of over 900K Hotspots worldwide and continues to grow each day. The IoT Network — powered by its Helium Network Token (HNT) crypto-economic system — completely changed the landscape of telecommunications, ushering in a new era of wireless connectivity that is democratized.


MOBILE Genesis and the launch of rewards to active Helium 5G CBRS small cells began on Friday, August 12th. Read the Helium Ecosystem blog about it to learn more.

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