After 1 Year of Mining Helium

Is Helium crypto a good investment

If you’re anything like me your experience with Helium mining has resembled something similar to my own, regardless of when you started.

  • I started mining with 1 miner in March of 2021.
  • The rewards were great but they diminished every month as more miners joined the Network.
  • I optimized performance by moving my hotspot to different locations in my house weekly until I found the best location. I saw improvement.
  • I then bought cable and an outdoor antenna which I mounted on my roof. I again saw great improvement but rewards continued to diminish.
  • I bought more Helium Hotspots. I gave them to friends and family and shared in the revenue with them. (Side note: I use Hotspotty to track, share data and make payments to the host of my other hotspots)
  • I am a believer in the Helium Network over the longterm. I began researching the staking pools available for holders of less than 10,000 HNT to participate in with hopes that a reputable exchange would offer Helium Staking.
  • The pricing structure of available pools and my concerns of relinquishing control of my HNT were too large for me to join a pool.
  • One year on… and I’m still hoping to see U.S. enabled exchanges offering HNT Staking but I have gone ahead staked a decent portion of HNT with the Helium-Staking app to continue my effort to gobble up as much HNT as possible.

Below is a review of what Helium Staking is, the various groups offering to help you stake, a discount code on admin fees and where we will see platforms progress over the next several quarters.



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