Helium in the wild – London

Helium in the wild - London

On the 11th November we headed down to London to show our love and support to the Gristle King on his awesome tour “Helium in the Wild” to talk about all things Helium. It was a great turn out with some great talks and discussions going on throughout the day.


Starting in November with Solana Breakpoint in Lisbon, Portugal, I’ll be heading out to see how Helium is being used in the wild. I’ll be looking for and sharing lessons, inspirations, and interviews with real people who are getting up to their elbows in this network.

The Helium Foundation is sponsoring this series to showcase how people are using Helium around the world. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I’ll still do stuff covering the use of IoT in the US, but there’s a whole world out there and I want to help YOU see it!

Driving demand is critical to the long term success of Helium, and I’m psyched to help you figure out how to do it yourself by showing you how it’s already being done.

At each place I visit, we’ll do something different to help you learn about Helium and connect with your local community. It may be learning how to use a sensor, an aspect of running a LoRaWAN business, or any other thing useful to you as a user, service provider, DIYer, or just an interested bystander. We’ll also be running a mapping contest called Here Be Dragons at a few locations, more on that below.



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