Let’s talk about Helium 5G …

Let's talk about Helium 5G

Anyone who signs up for the new crypto carrier — Helium Mobile will have access to T-mobile’s wireless network as well as Helium 5G’s wireless network. This means that customers’ mobile will automatically select the cheapest carrier at all times. Helium Mobile will use the Helium 5G network by default (when Helium 5G Hotspots are within range), and then automatically use T-Mobile’s macro wireless network if there’s insufficient Helium 5G coverage.

To ensure the Helium Mobile Network has sufficient coverage, customers have been encouraged to start building out the network and buying small cell radios to earn additional MOBILE rewards during the Genesis period.

The more Helium 5G Hotspots that are online, the cheaper the cost of using the Helium Mobile becomes because the cost of using the Helium 5G network is so much cheaper than traditional telecom models. In turn, the more customers that start using Helium 5G Mobile, the more Helium 5G Hotspot owners will earn rewards in the form of MOBILE and HNT

For more information about Helium 5G, head over to their website at!

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