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nebra delivering iot solutions

We have been busy working behind the scenes on getting our 5G Hotspot ready for both indoor and outdoor usage and will have some updates to share with you soon. Be sure to register your interest on the latest updates. We will also be shipping out all outdoor miners very soon to those customers waiting on backorder.

Your Nebra Newsletter
HIP 72 – Secure Concentrator

HIP 72 has been introduced to combat the so called cheaters on the network that are estimating to be taking 10-20% of HNT mined. The introduction of secure concentrator modules can be used to overcome this issue by introducing a new verification on the hardware “Time difference on arrival” (ToDA). Manufacturers will be able to add secure concentrators to any new hotspot manufactured or can be added to existing hotspots or DIY hotspots. The incentive for users to upgrade is a huge 20-25% earnings boost. The project is currently still being discussed in the Discord group and will soon be sent for voting.

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