Helium Wallet App Now Available for Download

The Helium Hotspot app

he Helium core team is excited to announce the launch of the Helium Wallet App, a single app to manage your tokens and identity on the Helium Network! Download today on Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

A Little Background

In February 2022, the Helium core team announced the future of Helium Apps: the existing original Helium App would be split into its two functional components of 1) Hotspot management and 2) token management.

As of today, the original Helium App is now the Helium Hotspot App for managing original Helium Hotspots*, and the new Helium Wallet App is for managing tokens and your identity.

*The Helium Hotspot App will continue to support non-Helium Hotspots until all other Makers release their Maker App or Dashboard.

The new Helium Wallet App is a culmination of 4 months of valuable input from our community. Since February, over 4,000 community members have beta tested the app and provided feedback on their experiences with it, and we’re incredibly grateful. Thank you!


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