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Linxdot is Helium Approved

Greetings Linxdotters!

Welcome to another monthly round-up where we bring you the latest Linxdot news. Despite the recent news in the crypto industry causing significant ripple effects to every project and token, including Helium HNT, we are still positive about what Helium represents as a technology that is fundamentally changing wireless telecoms. We appreciate our community’s ongoing engagement and support this year, and hope to continue growing and developing the Helium IoT and Mobile network and solutions in the future!


Here is your November issue of the Linxdot Newsletter:

  • Shipping Update
  • Upcoming Projects
  • Helium Solana Breakpoint – Portugal 
  • Gristle King – Helium In The Wild 


Shipping update:

The majority of outstanding orders have now been shipped, with the exception of a few remaining EU, US, and AUS orders. The remaining units will be shipped out continuously over the next month.


Ongoing projects:

Deployments to telecoms towers: Over the past few months we have been supporting customers that have deployed Linxdot hotspots in external enclosures to telecoms infrastructure in Germany and Armenia. The intention is to provide countrywide IOT coverage before deploying IoT solutions to B2B customers. The rewards from some of these units are also pretty good, check them out here. 


Linxdot Light Hotspot, 4G & external enclosure – Coinciding with the evolution of LoRaWan gateways on the Helium blockchain, we have been working on our Linxdot Light Hotspot which officially passed the Helium Foundation’s preliminary audit process. There are also test builds for Linxdot Light Hotspots with built-in sim cards for 4G backhaul (ideal for outdoor deployments).


Linxdot 5G – Introducing Linxdot 5G. As Helium 5G continues to unfold in the United States, the exciting news of Helium MVNO with T-Mobile announced a few months ago will mean Helium mobile will be the world’s first crypto carrier. To support this direction, our Linxdot 5G Hotspot will be launching in Q1 of next year. Join the mailing list for updates and information regarding our upcoming 5G products, and sign-up up for notifications here.

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