Linxdot 5G and Helium

Linxdot 5G and Helium

Linxdot 5G coming soon to help build out the Helium 5G network and provide wireless network coverage for IoT devices.

Linxdot 5G is a plug-n-play gateway, designed to provide 5G coverage using certified CBRS small cells. Rewards can be earnt through the new Proof-of-Coverage system or by transferring data across the network via Data Credits. Existing Helium Hotspots (non-5 G miners) will begin to earn a new token, called IoT.

  • Proof-of-coverage Rewards — HNT is earnt when compatible Helium 5G Hotspots build the 5G coverage and secure the network
  • Data transfer rewards — HNT is earnt when compatible Helium 5G hotspots send data over the network.

Earn MOBILE rewards for providing 5G coverage & connectivity.

Provide expanded local cellular coverage to the community.

Participate in decentralised wireless — you are the network!

The amount of MOBILE and IOT tokens earnt will vary depending on a number of different factors including the hotspot’s location/placement, radio cell power, and the amount of data that is sent and passed through each 5G hotspot.

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