Linxdot App Update February

Linxdot App Update February

Hello Linxdotters,

There are going to be some new and important updates coming to the Linxdot Hotspot App and we want to inform you of the changes we have made:

1) Linxdot Hotspot App will no longer ask for the 12-words seed phrase. 
Instead, we have implemented the Deeplink function that will allow you to link your Helium Wallet to Linxdot Hotspot App via Helium Hotspot App. You MUST ensure you have recorded your 12-word seed phrase before we release our update on the 13th of June 2022, as the Linxdot Hotspot App will automatically log out of your current account to activate the Deeplink Helium Wallet function.

2) Removal of ‘My Wallet’ tab.
With the Deeplink feature introduced, Linxdot Hotspot App will not be able to fetch your Helium Wallet stats such as HNT balance, mining rewards, wallet address, etc. Though, this will still be available for you on the Helium Hotspot App.

Please be aware that the 12-word seed phrase can NEVER be recovered if they are lost. If you lose the 12 words, you will also lose access to your wallet, the HNT it contains, and all access to your Hotspots and all of your rewards.

Again, once you have updated your Linxdot Hotspot App to our new version, it will automatically log you out of your current wallet in order to trigger the Deeplink feature.

If you have used our App before, you will need to keep a note of your 12 words as the update will log you out automatically when it is installed on the 13th June 2022.

If you have NOT used our App before, this update does not affect you. But take it as a gentle reminder to always keep note of your 12-word phrase as you will not have access to your HNT and Hotspots once lost.

We urge you to write down your 12 words before our release date on the 13th of June 2022. 

As always, we appreciate your continued support and understanding!

Team Linxdot

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