Helium Mobile’s 2023 Roadmap

Helium Mobile’s 2023 Roadmap

In the coming year, we’re committed to launching exciting products that will benefit both subscribers and the larger Helium ecosystem and want to share the high-level direction with our community.

These products are designed to accelerate coverage and network verification, which will ultimately benefit both subscribers and coverage providers, while also validating this new, innovative economic model for future forward-thinking carriers.

In 2022, as the mobile wireless arm of Nova Labs, we announced Helium Mobile, a new type of wireless carrier, and in 2023 we’re laser-focused on:

  • delivering Helium Mobile, a new type of carrier
  • building products to accelerate and validate Helium 5G network coverage
  • working with the Helium Foundation and the community to help shape the Helium 5G network


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