Nebra Ltd providing updates for Controllino/Conelcom Hotspots

Nebra Ltd providing updates for Controllino

Nebra is pleased to announce we are providing updates to Controllino/Conelcom Hotspot users, following the news that Conelcom is discontinuing its support for the Helium Network.

We are committed to supporting users who have invested in the Helium Network, regardless of where they purchased their hardware.

We believe this is central to the spirit of The People’s Network and we do not want to see any users stuck with obsolete devices through no fault of their own.

As such, we are working in partnership with Conelcom to ensure a smooth transition to provide software updates going forward.

For now, Controllino/Conelcom hotspot users do not need to do anything. Over the coming weeks online devices will automatically migrate to Nebra’s remote management infrastructure.

Once this has taken place, Controllino/Conelcom customers will be able to use the Nebra app for onboarding and interacting with their hotspots.

This will also give Controllino/Conelcom customers access to Nebra’s world class device firmware and access to paid premium features and support via our Nebra cloud management dashboard.

Further announcements will follow for customers who still need to onboard their Controllino/Conelcom devices.

Sign up to the Nebra/Conelcom customer mailing list here for further information:

Nebra CEO Aaron Shaw said: “Nebra is the only manufacturer in the Helium ecosystem that has fully open source hardware and device software so customers have the right and ability to use their hardware in whatever way they want – and at the same time avoiding working devices becoming obsolete and creating unnecessary e-waste.

We are committed to supporting users who have invested in the network and look forward to welcoming Controllino/Conelcom Hotspot users to the Nebra family.

“We will continue working with the Conelcom team over the coming weeks to ensure a smooth transition for users.”

A Conelcom spokesperson said: “We are excited to cooperate with Nebra Ltd. with their expertise and commitment to providing exceptional service – we are confident that the business is in better hands soon.

“As we pass the torch, our team is fully committed to supporting them throughout the transition to ensure a seamless transfer of operations.”

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