After the Migration Please Note: You no longer earn HNT from your miners

After the Migration
  1. Your miners no longer mine HNT, they mine IOT
  2. Your minor probably shows offline on your hotspot app. The vendors are still catching up their software.
  3. Your IOT gets paid out 1 time per day now. . That is when you will see your IOT.
  4. Every night, your IOT goes into a “holding” area. You don’t actually “posses” it until you “claim” it. You do this in your black wallet by pressing the claim button. Note that every time you claim your IOT rewards you burn a small amount of SOL (this is called a gas fee). The amount is “Solana’s average transaction fee is 0.000014 SOL”. Once you claim your IOT you may convert it or whatever options are available. It is advisable to not claim your IOT every night or week as it will slowly use up your SOL and you will have to convert your HNT to SOL or send yourself SOL from outside of your wallet.
  5. You should use the “black” wallet now. If you keep getting kicked out then check the app store for an update and update the app.
  6. You retain all earned HNT. You may convert your IOT to HNT whenever you want.
  7. AT THIS TIME I don’t know of any exchanges that handle HNT. This is probably due to the change to the SOL blockchain. Many people expect that once the conversion settles down some exchanges will list HNT but for now we need to be patient.
    NOTE: Even though appears to support HNT. It looks like it is not HNT on the new blockchain (SOL) and is not yet able to be used.
  8. The exchange rate for IOT to HNT fluctuates daily. The current price of IOT can be found in the black wallet at the top of the $ tab.*** The latest wallet update added a dollar amount to the IOT you currently hold.



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