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Monetize Your
IoT's devices.

The way to easily choose a hotspot host to provide coverage for
all IoT's devices and to
Be Rewarded with Digital Money

What is DHX crypto? helium HNT bitcoin BTC The MXProtocol and the interoperable Para-Chain
Anyone can Start mining today!

How It Works Crypto-Miner

By mining, you can earn cryptocurrency ,HNT, MXC, DHX, BTC, DOT without having to put down money for it.

1.Download app

Download and install the app on your mobile in order to manage the host and earn.

2.Connect HotSpot

Plug the Hotspot into a power source and connect to WiFi or ethernet.

3.Set up App/Hotspot

Setup up your mobile app, register your miner, create your digital wallet.

4.HotSpot Location

Hotspot placement optimization is far more important than what antenna you use.

Connect the device.
Set up the HotSpot.
Allow data transfer.
Start earning.

When you become a part of IoT's community, you’re contributing to building the global IoT network of the future and helping connect IoT  devices.

Once you get your HotSpots  set up and mining.



  • The Hotspot has no features that improve your home or make your network better.
  • Earnings are variable depending on your location and how many hotspots are available.
  • More connection equals more earnings.



Powerful System

Broad certification FCC,CE.

End-to-End Encrypted. Highest levels of security through end-to-end encryption.

Minimal Electricity Costs

Your Hot Spot  will consume less than an lightbulb (5W) at peak, which consumes 0.12kWh electricity per day.

Simple, Safe, and Secure

Your personal info will never be shared with any third-party. You are NOT share your WiFi connection.

High Performance

Hotspots provide miles of wireless network coverage for millions of devices around you using LongFi low-bandwidth.

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The IoT Ecosystem

We Offer Perfect IoT Solutions

An IoT Ecosystem is a combination of various IoT layers beginning from the user layer to the connectivity layer.

In a typical IoT ecosystem, end-user components like smart devices, sensors, third party components are connected to the compute engines or cloud instances through the internet or intranet.


An important aspect of the IoT environment is connectivity.

LoRaWAN offers

Wireless LoRaWAN networking solutions for your IoT project

LoRaWAN is a global standard for Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) IoT Networks.

  • IoT solutionS for Smart City, Logistics,ecc
  • Multiple sensors and devices connections.
  • LoRaWAN offers secure network-based geolocation to locate any LoRa-enabled fixe or mobile end-device.
  • LoRa sensors are ultra-low power.
  • completely separate and independent from existing telecom networks.

LoRa is similar to Wi-Fi, but with 200 times the range. Like Wi-Fi, LoRa uses license-free radio frequency bands, so anyone can create a network or add a device to the network.

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Iot Sensors
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Mobile App Screenshot to manage the miner

You will need to download the Mobile app from an Apple/Android Store and follow the instructions in order to manage the HotSpot and manage your Crypto Earnings.

Purchase with Confidence

Hardware Devices for mining-
We are NOT selling the devices we only COMPARE them

The only way to know the best deal is to compare.

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