Start a Wireless Revolution

COTX Networks offers carrier-grade IoT

Compatible with the Helium Network

Powered by Helium LongFi technology, it can participate in PoC.

Display Hotspot working status

Easy to monitor the running status of Hotspot. It shows the status of Device IP, BLE on/off, Cloud, Internet and WI-FI connection.

High Performance

1.5Ghz Broadcom quad-core CPU, Multioptional capacity of ROM and flash that could meet the feature demand of Helium Eco system.

A frequently asked questions

First, New Hotspots have to come online and use wired networks.
Wait 30 minutes for automatic OTA upgrade. Then try to register Hotspot.

Download the latest Quick Start Guide.

How are tokens HNT earned?

    On the Helium Network, gateway earns HNT in two different ways: Proof of Coverage and Network Data Transfer 

  • Proof-of-Coverage (PoC)

You are rewarded for participating in, witnessing and creating Proof-of-Coverage challenges. You can read more about the mechanics of PoC on the Helium website

  • Network Data Transfer

You are rewarded for providing LoRa Network service and transmitting data packets to the Internet.   

Suggestions for increasing HNT earning:

  1. Ensure stable power supply and avoid sudden interruption of power out.
  2. A fast and stable network that is not relayed. The public IP used by the hotspot must be fixed IP. It cannot change frequently. Network conditions can be detected at   Use the network cable and forget about the WIFI function.   Please refer to how do I deal with Hotspot relay?
  3.  Check the density and number of surrounding hotspots and choose the optimal setup location. Please refer to where should COTX X3 be installed?
  4. The antenna should be set higher than surrounding buildings to prevent the RF signal from being blocked. Please refer to where should COTX X3 be installed?

Keywords:earnings/rewards/ RF signals

Apple users can download Helium APP on iTunes App Store.

(Apple users in mainland China can’t download it on APP Store)

Google users can download it on Google Play Stoe.

If you don’t use Google Play, you can download the APK from the official app center construction. The link is as follows:

The X3 Indoor Gateway is a full miner which supports both POC and data transfer.

Standard lead time of X3 Hotspot is 12 weeks. Please refer to online store announcement and the contract terms for confirmed lead time. 

COTX web page lists Hotspot resellers approved. Please email to verify COTX resellers. Note this reseller list does not equal an endorsement or recommendation. 


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