We leverage innovative IoT solutions to make earning Cryptocurrency easy.



We provide our hosts with a free Noble Hotspot allowing them to join the growing Helium network quickly without worrying about set up costs. After we ship one of our Hotspots to our hosts’ doorstep, they unbox it and plug it in. That’s the first step!


The second step is to power the Hotspot onto the Helium network by connecting it to your WiFi. The Hotspot utilizes the WiFi as a vehicle to transmit transactional data to the network blockchain, which is made up of individuals just like you.


The third step is to keep your Hotspot cozy while it mines HNT! Hosts are paid 20% of their Hotspot’s earnings for helping power the network and joining our community. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding earnings.

A frequently asked questions

We leverage innovative IoT solutions to make earning Cryptocurrency easy. Start Earning Check the application page:

If you’re wondering how much your hotspot can earn, the answer is… It depends. The best way to gauge this is to head on over to the Helium Coverage Map and look at hotspots near where you plan to install the hotspots. In addition another great tool is, lets you visualize hotspot placement and coverage overlaps. 

In full disclosure, becoming a host will allow you to earn HNT passively. The set up process is straightforward and we are available to help! Why else? This Hotspot can be thought of as a mini signal tower that is used by products such as electric scooters, smart dog collars, and many other products to transmit data. For example, if a dog with a smart collar is lost, the owner of the dog can access the smartphone application to help locate their dog! This is done through transmittance of radio waves, meaning the Hotspot does not interact with your cellphone, computers and other handheld devices to function. It simply uses WiFi as a vehicle to transmit data and NOT gather your private data.

How much you earn depends on how many other hotspots are located near yours. When hotspots are nearby they can “talk” to each other and can send data to each other. This is how HNT tokens are created and you will keep 20% of all the HNT that your hotspots earns.

Our Hotspots only use about 5W of energy. For comparison, a typical household lightbulb uses 60W of energy. With using such a low amount of electricity, hotspots typically only cost about $5 per year to operate!
Hosting a hotspot will not slow down your WiFi. These hotspots transfer small amounts of data and from our testing, we have not found any impact to WiFi speeds.
We will review your information then reach back out if there are any questions that we have. After that we will send one of our Hotspots in the mail to you, so you can start earning ASAP!
In your package, there will be instructions on how to get your hotspot connected to the network. If you hit any roadblocks, please reach out to us via our website’s contact form, social media, or any direct contact info shared. We want to help!
Once the Hotspot is set up per our instructions, the light on your hotspot should turn green showing that it is connected to your internet. We will take over from here and let you know if there are any issues getting your hotspot online!
To optimize your earnings, we recommend placing the hotspot near a window, preferably one that does not have a window screen it. Why? Window screens can disrupt radio waves from being able to be sent and received.

Once your hotspot is online and earning HNT, we will begin to track it! Host Reward Distributions (HRDs) come in two forms: HNT and cash. For HNT HRD, 20% of the hotspot earnings are currently paid out at a quarterly basis. For cash HRDs, a monthly flat rate payment will be paid out at the beginning of each month.

We will send weekly earning emails to our hosts to let them know exactly how much HNT they’ve earned and will be distributed to their Helium wallet each quarter.

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