EU868 HNT Gateway

LoRa Outdoor Gateway

4dBi Antenna

The Pisces P100 is equipped with a high-performance 4dBi
fiberglass antenna. We fully consider the needs of users, ensuring
high performance while ensuring safety.

OTA System

 User equipment management panel, simple and easy to use. Remote
operation and maintenance, Respond quickly to user requests.

High performance computing power

 Pisces P100 is equipped with 2-4G RAM, 64G ROM, ATECC608 and
ARM64CPU, so the device has high performance computing power.

A frequently asked questions

Because the FCC is still in progress, so this sale is all 868M, please judge by yourself whether it can be used in the area.

Hangzhou, China. We will use world-class courier to ensure that the device is delivered to you ASAP.

Due to the shortage of chips,refunds will not be processed unless the equipment has a major defect.

When the gateway is ready to ship. it will inform the details by email.


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