Start a Wireless Revolution

SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway

Secured and Reliable

Built-in ECC608 crypto chip, high-secured authentication and reliable connectivity

Remote Diagnosis

Built-in mechanism for remote diagnosis, providing efficient online suport

Low Power

Uses as little power as a 5W

A frequently asked questions

A Single Board Computer (SBC) is a complete computer built on a single circuit board with microprocessor(s), memory, input/output which is powerful, runs on low power and has a low profile.

– The product we are going to launch is called SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway. It is a full miner which supports both POC and data transfer. It is for indoor applications.
– SenseCAP M1 is for indoor use. But we will take this request into consideration, thinking about some accessories for outdoor deployment.
– Yes, SenseCAP M1 has both US915 (for US) and EU868 (EU version). FCC is finished. As for CE, we have passed all the tests, but still in the process of completing the paperwork, should get the final CE certification in 2 weeks.
– Yes, it’s on the agenda. We will keep you updated here.
– US915 and EU868 are available. Other frequencies are not supported yet. We hear you about the need for different frequencies. Currently, our priority goes to EU868 and US915. For other frequencies, the certification varies and it takes more time. After getting the CE certificate, we will move into the next stage. We are going to investigate this and will keep you posted when there are updates. Thank you very much for your patience.
– When you google SenseCAP, you will find there are other gateways also under the name of SenseCAP. Please be aware that not all the SenseCAP branded gateways are Helium hotspots, SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway is the only one that supports Helium Network for now.
– Not POE.
Yes, it will auto switch. But we only have CE and FCC certification, we do not have BIS certification which is required in India.
  • Bobcat has Quad-core and SenseCap has Raspberry Pi 4, also it comes with a 4 dbi antenna versus SenseCap’s 1.2 dbi. Could these features of your hotspot make us earn less rewards? Also, could we have less power to detect, witness and challenge other hotspots? I would appreciate clarification
  • Normally we are not going to make official comparisons with products provided by other manufacturers, and we could not make a solid objective conclusion before we have a test. 
  • Antenna coverage depends on your environment and many other factors, and cannot be directly calculated from the dbi coverage distance. If you’re working in a very complex environment, trying a high-gain antenna is recommended.
  • In fact, we have tested the SenseCAP M1 gateway and LoRa-E5 Dev Board in an open area, with a verified communication distance of 9.2 km.
  • The ability to earn depends on many factors, which will not be discussed here and we are sure there are already many suggestions we could find. 
  • For the antenna, as different regions’ regulations defer, we would provide more choices of antenna in the future, so you could choose the one based on your needs.
  • Related quote on the channel:
Yes, you could replace the antenna and we will also have more choices of antenna for customers to choose. “Indoor” means the product is not designed to have strictly waterproof and dustproof function and the operation temperature is also needed to be kept within the normal room temperature range. We will not suggest using the indoor device outside unless you choose proper methods to prevent it from getting damaged from the outdoor environment.
In order to be more convenient to access and manage the miner, thank you Yes, SenseCAP M1 has already been added to the Helium App! Surprise~
SenseCAP M1 will be sold through Seeed partners. Our partners are working on the page, estimated launch date is the end of June or early July, stay tuned in Discord.
– For the first batch, there won’t be pre-orders or wait lists, our partners will be selling from stock, they will start to accept orders when they have products on hand and ship the products right away, this should happen before mid of July. Starting from the second batch, there will be preorders with limited quantities with promised ship date, depending on the situation (raw materials and manufacturing capacity etc.) We do not want to overpromise, we will keep you updated when we have more solid info. Please kindly stay tuned.
– For the first batch, both versions will be shipped before mid of July. Then we will update the lead time for the following batches.
– It’s not finalized yet. Stay tuned.
– You will receive the products from our partners, so the products may come from the US, China or other regions.
– You can get official updates on the #sensecap discord channel or follow @sensecapmx ( on twitter for official updates.
– Sorry to keep you waiting, for information like partner names, the price and the qty for the first batch / second batch, we will update the info here once we have solid answers. I think we can confirm everything in the coming 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience.
First we will list out our partners, and then partners will launch the product page, but the page won’t accept the order at that time, the page will accept order when our partners have the products on hand. When they launch the product pages, there will be a date on the product page and give clear info about when they will start to accept orders, maybe a 3-day-countdown? Sth like that.
We will share the info in the coming 2 weeks. You can get official updates on this #sensecap discord channel or follow @Sensecapmx ( on twitter for official updates.
Adding max of 1 or 2 M1 in the cart for checkout? Also, the payment method will be credit card or crypto, or both? Will you accept credit cards or is there going to be a more exotic / byzantine payment system? This information will be released by our partners.
Reselling these for $5,000 is not fair to those that are really interested in mining vs a quick dollar. You make a very good point. We will definitely have serious discussions on this and try our best to make out some solutions to protect our customers from scalpers.
If you have 250 units available, then have a competition with 250 unique winners that get a special code and buying link. That spreads the chances fairly among the community, stops scalpers trying to buy them all, and your distributor’s websites/carts won’t get overloaded and crash (like LongAP launch, leading to a lot of complaints and tarnished reputation). No, we believe simplicity is the best. Thanks for the example, and we will try to learn the lesson from it.
Es. m1 + 8db antenna + 5mt cable + connectors (if needed) We will have accessories. In the beginning, may be more likely to be offered as a separative product. And your suggestions will be considered. Thank you.

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