Free HotSpots Comparison

Free Helium hotspot miners

IoT Ecosystem

New hardware and software solutions using and supporting Wireless Network.

Low Power IoT

HotSpots are the better way to build wireless IoT infrastructure.

Free Hotspots Comparison

Mining with Hotspots via radio technology
BrandWebSiteDelivery AreaKYC
Know Your
Customer Form
Percentage HNT
Split with end-user
Other info
delivery time
1.Emritwww.emrit.ioWorldwideNO, only name,phone no, and delivery address20%delivery time 3-8 weeks for EU,
2.Fairspotwww.fairspot.hostUS OnlyYes, after location approval70%Applications are currently closed.
3-5 business days if a host is approved.
3.Nobleiotwww.nobleiot.comUS OnlyNO, only name,phone no, and delivery address20% split of the HNT or
a $40/month flat payment
Once all agreement
(signing agreement, confirming address,
etc.) delivery in 3-6 days.
Apply Herre
4.Hotspotsharewww.hotspotshare.comNorth America,USID verification,name,phone no, and delivery address50%,no hidden fees
5.Hotspotterwww.hotspotter.ioUS Only20%
6.Zatafiwww.zatafi.comWorldwideNO, only name,phone no, and delivery address20%Applications are currently closed
7.Flywheel.systemswww.flywheel.systemsUS Only
8.Sharespotwww.sharespot.ptOnly PortugalNO,only name,phone nr, ,delivery addressvaries between 20%
and 30%.
Delivery time 3 – 6 months.
9.Loris.clubwww.loris.clubWorldwideNO, only name,phone no, and delivery address25%

* Official information received from the company

Comparison date: June 2021

Here are the support emails for Hotspot Makers:

For Bobcat Miner 300, please contact:
For Nebra Indoor and Outdoor Hotspots, please contact:
For, please contact:
For Helium Hotspots, please contact:
For RAK Hotspot Miners, please contact:

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