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Full Hotspots - People-Powered Networks.

Helium Ecosystem

New hardware and software solutions using and supporting The People’s Network.

Helium Technology

Allows anyone to build out massive, cost-effective wireless infrastructures.

Low Power IoT

HotSpots are the better way to build wireless IoT infrastructure.

Mining via radio technology

The status of manufacturers in progress

This is a comprehensive list of the current Hotspot manufacturers and their company information that was provided during the HIP19 application process. This information is provided to the community for each user to conduct their own due diligence before purchasing a Hotspot from a company. The Foundation nor the MCC is liable for a maker/manufacturer’s customer service issues. This tracker will be updated at the beginning of each month.

CompanyHotspot BrandStatusRegulatory Certifications
Aitek IncAitek

Amber-Link (uGWAN
Atom Design And InnovationAtom
BEC Technologies, Inc.BEC

Beijing COTX Networks Technologies Co. Ltd.,
Browan Communications Incorporation
Chengdu Heltec Automation Technology Co

ClodPi Labs (India) Private Limited
Crescent NV (Option)
E-sun Electronics Ltd. (Panther)
EDA Technology Co.,LTD
FreedomFi, Inc

Hangzhou GreenPalm Technology Co., LTD. (Pisces)
Hangzhou Roombanker Technology Co., Ltd.
HeNet B.V. (LongAP)

Ingenious Technology LLC (Osprey Electronics)

KS Technologies, LLC
Linxdot (Fx Technology)

Midas Technologies Co., Ltd
Milesight IoT

Mimiq Inc. (Previously Smart Mimic)

Nebra Ltd.

OxTech LLC (Oxit)

Polyhex Technology Company Limited

Pycom (under administration)

RAD Data Communication

Radair Services, Inc.
Radon Tech LLC


RuiXingHengFang Network (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd, (RisingHF)

Shanghai NanChao Information Technology Co., Ltd. (RUFF)

Shenzhen Dragino Technology Development Co. LTD

Shenzhen RAKwireless Technology Co., Ltd.

Smart Harvest Instruments Inc.
SONoC Corp. (Launch Pad LLC) – Company Filed Bankruptcy

T.M.G Industries Inc

Tapdo technologies GmbH

Tektelic Communications Inc.




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