• April 27, 2021
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How can I make correct enclosure and use PoE for Indoor Hotspot ?

If you need to make same and use only 1 Cable to take Internet and Power till Hotspot, you will need at

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  • April 26, 2021
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dBi, dB, dBm dB(mW):

dBi = dB(isotropic): The forward gain of an antenna, measured in decibels (dBi), The dBi value reflects the antenna’s directional / beamwidth characteristics, i.e., directional

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Helium Antenna

Antenna   RAK Antenna Helium hotspot RP-SMA Female

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  • April 25, 2021
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Opening angle of the antenna

Antenna gain and beam angle The beam angle is indicated for ?/2 antennas and other omnidirectional antennas or for directional antennas. It

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Is More Antenna Gain Better?

The Logarithmic dB Scale Antenna engineers use a logarithmic scale to express this apparent 2x (times two) mirror power doubling as “+3

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What Is Antenna Gain ?

And what are “dBi” and “dB” ? Imagine an antenna that radiates energy equally in all directions, much like a candle. OK,

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